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Student wellbeing is often thought of being in 2 different categories: mental or physical wellbeing. However, these 2 areas of their health are inextricably linked.

The resources provided help to bridge the gap between mental and physical health, bringing awareness to the individual about their nuances, strengths and talents, how they are different from others and how that is the greatest gift for them and the world.  

Please download and use the resources where you think they would fit in your class and please leave a review when you can so that we can continually improve our library.


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Supporting a student to be the best version of themselves is a key outcome for schools – to be yourself creates the safe and secure platform for truly remarkable interactions and learning. 

Each learner is biologically unique, and understanding the influence of biology trnasforms an educators empathy, understanding and the effectiveness of the strategies they select.

This 60min PD provides tangible takeaways in an engaging and practical format. Individuals walk away with immediate action steps for specific students in their care and insight on each other as colleagues.

The Learrn360 educators have a proud reputation for facilitating engaging sessions whether it be in person or online.

 Every session includes a brief connection before and after to customise and tailor the presentation to your school and provide the feedback on the session and how it was received.

Valued at over AU$1000, there is a limited numbers of presentations as part of the in-kind sponsorship. Submit your expression of interest now and book a time to introduce Precision Learning to your school.

“Imagine a world where our children are supported to lead their lives with passion and purpose and are empowered to be themselves without judgement or comparison.. a world where all caregivers can understand themselves, their fellow caregivers, and the differing biological and behavioral needs for each unique child and the best ways to support them to grow in flow. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful world to grow up in?”

Matt Riemann

Founder Shae Group & Learn360