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Learn360 creates simplified systems to support the precision learning and growth needs of every individual. Using the groundbreaking protocols of ph360™, the world’s first health and wellness platform based on Epigenetics, Learn360 provides a simple, evidence-based lens through which we can understand the inherent traits of children and best support their learning needs.

Learn360 programs are available for Educators, Students, Parents and your broader learning Community.


Precision Learning is a Necessity for Educators, not a Luxury.

Our Educators are the first port of call for a student every moment of every work day. Mental well being, physical health decline and industry leavers are at record highs. 

As with all relationships, Educators will not work with two students who are exactly the same, or who will find optimal learning results with the exact same protocols. Every Educator-Student relationship is unique – and can be exhausting. This is where Learn360 creates simple systemization to explain and support each individual and every relationship in the healthiest way for everybody. 

Precision Learning supports every Educator to understand their own needs, the needs of each individual student, and how those needs interact both one-to-one and in the classroom.


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How it Works



Learn360 educates and provides support in the principles, practice and integration of precisoin learning to the entire learning ecosystem: Schools, Educators, Students and Parents. 

The purpose of this is to ensure that each student is able to attend school in an environment that allows them to feel secure in themselves, to use their natural strengths and excel in their areas of passion, while continually developing a very powerful and unique identity that supports them to live their healthiest and happiest lives.

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The New Era of Education


Precision Learning

Educators are already stretched to differentiate student learning, and have lacked the time, resources, training, and support to implement true precision learning into classroom life. Until now.

With the recent advancements in science and technology, we can now quantify the unique learning and behavioral profiles of each unique child to provide a clear path and direction for their optimal learning journey in the classroom and beyond. 

And with the recent application of AI, we are able to support Educators with this information in real-time, on-demand, in the palm of their hands, when and where they need it most. 

Get in touch with us today to talk with an early learning center, school, or university using Learn360 to optimize student learning.

Precision Learning is Global


A Worldwide Initiative

We believe that every unique student has the right to learn and grow in a way that works for them to feel safe, seen, understood, accepted and supported. 

We see the future of education returning back to the reason it exists in the first place – to provide each student with the unique learning experiences required to support their optimal growth and development, to facilitate engagement and connection, and to empower a healthy and happy life journey.

Are you ready to discover how Precision Learning can support your unique students?